501, 2018

Why Waterproofing Is Necessary for Basements to Be Dry and Useful?

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Waterproofing is an important concern for anybody who is having a basement which they plan to utilize for storage, recreation, playing or accommodation. Generally, the process is not given importance and sometimes because of that [...]

2112, 2017

Best Way to Protect Basement from Getting Wet, Damp and Leaky

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Basement is the most sensitive part of house as it lies beneath the ground and therefore gets affected often by the pressure from expansive soil, resulting in cracks on internal walls of the underground room. [...]

811, 2017

Reason Why Basement Waterproofing Is Important For Ontario Properties and Real Estate

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Ontario is a province in Canada that receives a lot of rain and has a large number of lakes and rivers. Every year, a large number of residential, industrial and commercial properties in Ontario are [...]

2908, 2016

Why Hiring Expert Waterproofing Contractors for your Basement Repair is always beneficial?

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Throughout our lives, we have been taught to be self-sustained. Whether it was being taught to clean our rooms or to prepare our own meals, it is these habits that we have learned since an [...]

2504, 2016

Problems because of Wet Basements

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A basement, by definition, refers to one or more floors of a building that is either partially or completely located underground.  In homes, the basement can take the form of a cellar and is often [...]

1203, 2016

Buying a new home: What to check for in the basement

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Buying a new home is exciting. Whether you’re looking for a bigger place for the family, relocating or exploring investment opportunities, a new home opens up new opportunities! It’s common for homebuyers to have houses [...]