2908, 2016

Why Hiring Expert Waterproofing Contractors for your Basement Repair is always beneficial?

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Throughout our lives, we have been taught to be self-sustained. Whether it was being taught to clean our rooms or to prepare our own meals, it is these habits that we have learned since an [...]

2504, 2016

Problems because of Wet Basements

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A basement, by definition, refers to one or more floors of a building that is either partially or completely located underground.  In homes, the basement can take the form of a cellar and is often [...]

1203, 2016

Buying a new home: What to check for in the basement

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Buying a new home is exciting. Whether you’re looking for a bigger place for the family, relocating or exploring investment opportunities, a new home opens up new opportunities! It’s common for homebuyers to have houses [...]

1209, 2015

Weeping tile, heavy rain and your home

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It’s that time of the year again – fall. It means cooler weather, crunchy leaves and kids going back to school. It can, however, also be a homeowner’s nightmare. Unpredictable weather from September to November [...]

2211, 2014

The Importance of Sump Pump Battery Backups

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There are many reasons your sump pump can stop working. When this happens, you run the risk of a wet or flooded basement. Having a sump pump battery backup will prevent this nightmare from occurring. [...]

311, 2014

Foundation Waterproofing 101

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Foundation waterproofing can prevent the stress and expense of a wet basement remediation. Cracks, sinking and heaving of foundations is not uncommon and it is one of the major causes of basement leaks and flooding. [...]