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Reason Why Basement Waterproofing Is Important For Ontario Properties and Real Estate

Ontario is a province in Canada that receives a lot of rain and has a large number of lakes and rivers. Every year, a large number of residential, industrial and commercial properties in Ontario are adversely affected by water seepage and dampness problems resulting from ingress of rainwater and melting snow.

A lot of homeowners have issues with dampness in their basements. These issues turn to get critical during the monsoons, the autumn and spring seasons when heavy rainfall cause extreme damage to properties all over the province.

The most frightening issue for homeowners is to see a puddle of water logging in their basements. Water seepage in the basement after rain is a common problem and to drain off stagnant rainwater is not an easy task. The basements are the most affected rooms with damp spots on walls, cracked walls & windowpanes, leaky corners, water leaking in through concealed cracks and cracked floors.

As a matter of fact, wet basements and rooms provide an ideal environment for mould, mildew, mosquito and bacterial growth. These microorganisms cause damage to human respiratory system as well as headaches, asthma, sneezing, skin diseases and critical health problems. The most effective and best way to overcome such problems is to carry out basement waterproofing.

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Technicality of the Task and Who Is the Best Waterproofer    

Basement repairing is not usually a do-it-yourself project, which indicates that homeowners must hire a local waterproofing company, such as DryShield. By hiring the technicians of DryShield, homeowners can make sure that their property’s basement is correctly waterproofed. Getting the basement waterproofed via the technicians of DryShield is a wise decision for the reason that they can effectively and quickly waterproof the underground rooms and the whole properties.

There are countless benefits of hiring the services of these technicians. Their technicians specialize in removing damp spots on walls, repairing concrete cracks in walls, removing mould smell from room and carrying out super productive basement waterproofing. They use the industry leading and most advanced tools and techniques to remove the dampness and stagnant water from the underground rooms.  All the technicians are experienced, practiced and professionally skilled

With 25 years of experience in the home repair industry, the technicians of DryShield work smart in determining that their clients get the ideal solution to waterlogging and leakage problems. All the clients who have availed service from them are contented.

Why Hiring Expert Waterproofing Contractors for your Basement Repair is always beneficial?

Throughout our lives, we have been taught to be self-sustained. Whether it was being taught to clean our rooms or to prepare our own meals, it is these habits that we have learned since an early age that have been engrained in the way we do things.

It is for these reasons that we get excited by the thought of, or by the actual act of, building or fixing thing. Although our hectic lifestyles give us less time on hand, making the minutes, hours, days slip by, we still strive for that independence, the pride that that warms us when we do not have to depend on people, physically. This is why the concept of DIY excites us. ‘Do It Yourself’, DIYs for a candlestick or a scrapbook is harmless, but this same concept, when applied to waterproofing your leaky basement, gets hazardous.

Professional Waterproofing Services

When waterproofing a wet or a leaky basement, extensive research on the area and the possible causes of the leak is required. The source of the leak is what determines the type of waterproofing material that is to be used. Also, the degree of damage caused by the seeped water, to the walls, floors, and foundations, has to be determined. The extent of damage, the cause and effect of the leak and the method to seal the leak, by crack injection or by any other method can only be determined by a professional waterproofing company..

Extensive Research and an Economic Solution:

A waterproofing company does this research of the house and the source of the water leak, analyses the foundations on which the house is built on, and the damage caused to the surrounding areas, before determining the materials, and the method that is to be used by them. Moreover, a professional waterproofing company for repair is an economical solution, considering the quality and the longevity of the waterproofing method that is used.

Practical Knowledge and Speedy Solution:

Sure, you could do the research yourself, put in days and weeks into finding the source of the leak, and the best methods to be used, but, the question here is if we could spare this huge amount of time? A professional waterproofing company does this for a living. They are committed to finish the job in a minimum amount of time and provide top quality service. The biggest advantage to hiring a professional to take care of your basement waterproofing is that they have the practical knowledge and the experience to determine the subtle pros and cons of a waterproofing methods that no amount of research could give us. There are many waterproofing contractors available in the market and DryShield.ca is one of the top-rated and largest waterproofing services in Canada. To get a free basement waterproofing quote, visit our website or call to 1-800-277-5411, for a 24-hour, round-the-clock assistance.

Problems because of Wet Basement

A basement, by definition, refers to one or more floors of a building that is either partially or completely located underground.  In homes, the basement can take the form of a cellar and is often used as a storage space. Sometimes, it can also be used as a residential space.

Mainly, wet basements can be caused due to water running in or due to condensation. The common causes include

  • Sewer water from clogged lines.
  • Run off water that stagnates as it is unable to flow due to reasons like blocked gutters.
  • High ground water levels that lead to seepage.
  • Bad use or improper use of sealants

The common problems because of wet basements include

  • Musty smell and fungal growth on walls
  • Efflorescence and plaster peeling off the walls
  • Rotting wood and carpets

All of the above can cause innumerable health problems and also slowly start to impair the structural integrity of the building. Hence, it is important that they are fixed at the earliest. Call in a reliable waterproofing contractor today and lead a tension free lifestyle!For more details visit us https://www.waterproofingservice.com/

Buying a new home: What to check for in the basement

Buying a new home is exciting. Whether you’re looking for a bigger place for the family, relocating or exploring investment opportunities, a new home opens up new opportunities!

It’s common for homebuyers to have houses of interest inspected prior to purchase. Home inspectors check typical elements like building structure, foundation, plumbing and electrical, and they also have a brief look at dampness.
This, however, is often not enough to uncover many dampness issues. In order to get an accurate read of the dampness in a basement, you should:
  1. Use a moisture reader

Home inspectors don’t normally use moisture readers and they are essential to getting an accurate read of dampness in a basement. It’s important that you either obtain one or employ experts to get an accurate read of moisture in the basement.

  1. Check for Efflorescence
Efflorescence is the salts and minerals that come out of concrete once the concrete absorbs water or moisture. This can be found on the concrete on the walls inside the basement. It looks like white powder, as shown below:
Most of the time, efflorescence is mistaken for mold growth. Although it is not immediately harmless, it is often an indication that the weeping tile is not draining properly on the outside, allowing the water and moisture to get into the wall.
This can cause problems later on. Poor drainage means the basement is at risk of further harm, with heavy rain or melting snow potentially resulting in basement flooding, which can be costly to fix.
Whether you’ve identified basement waterproofing issues and want a quote on repair, or you need help identifying issues, DryShield can help. We’re the experts in basement waterproofing and repair in Toronto and the GTA. We have decades of experience repairing homes and we’re Canadian owned and operated. Contact us today at 1-800-277-5411 or request a free quote online now!