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Window Wells & Drainage Solutions

Window wells that clog can create real seepage problems for your foundation.
When installing a new window well it is important to make sure that the water entering the well has a clear path for proper drainage.

Our solution includes removing the existing window well and excavating the window opening towards the bottom of the footing. The existing weeping tile is located at the footing level and a flow test is done to ensure there is proper drainage. If necessary old weeping tile is replaced with 12” of clean 3/4″ clear gravel and a geo-membrane.

The wall(s) and footings are then coated with our waterproof sealant (rubberized urethane) applied by hand or trowel, sheathed with 6 mm plastic sheeting and protected with Delta MS waterproof dimple membrane that is anchored to the foundation.

The new window well is then anchored to the wall and a vertical drain pipe connected to the weeping tile is positioned at a minimum of 6″ below the height of the window sill.

The excavation is backfilled and compacted to provide minimal settling. A geo-textile fabric is placed at the bottom surface of the window well over the drainage pipe. The well is then filled with gravel 4” below the window sill ensuring adequate clearance from the sash.

Waterproofing window wells will strengthen the structural integrity of the foundation walls by alleviating the hydrostatic pressure created by the abutting water. For a free comprehensive evaluation of your home’s foundation Contact us.

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