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Need Help with Basement Waterproofing or Foundation Crack Repairs?

Waterproofing Service® provides premiere waterproofing contractors for Toronto area residents with a variety of waterproofing needs. We can waterproof the interior or exterior of your home, repair a wet basement, install a window well, or attend to flooded basements. Do you have a crack in your foundation? We can repair and seal it without hassle. If your basement needs lowering, Waterproofing Service® can make your basement renovations easy with a new concrete floor or foundation benching. Our wet basement solutions are unmatched by the competition.

We advise all residential and commercial property owners to waterproof their basements before any problems arise. While basement waterproofing is an absolute necessity for properties in low lying areas, sudden heavy rain and extended periods of snow can put any home at risk. It is always important to be aware of weather forecasts, potential basement problems that can occur in your area, or the current state of your home. It is imperative to never ignore any potential signs of a cracked foundation, crawl space molding, or the need for waterproofing. These are problems that simply doesn’t fix themselves. As a matter of fact, time only can only worsen these conditions. In addition to the irritation of water leaking into your home, leaking basements can be harmful to your health. Mold can grow in atmospheres of humidity, a continuing flow of water, or a source of feeding for the spores (many building materials). Avoid the growth of mold in your home with simple solutions from Waterproofing Service® and have a healthy home for your loved ones.

As one of Canada’s most trusted waterproofing experts, Waterproofing Service® is available of offer you eager service for all of your waterproofing needs. Our team of waterproofing contractors can save you thousands of dollars in future repairs with reliable, sturdy maintenance guaranteed to not only solve your problems, but prevent any further issues.

Waterproofing Service® proudly services Barrie, Angus, Innisfil, Essa, Georgina, Orillia and Midland, up to Gravenhurst, Bracebridge, and Georgian Bay. We’ll even come out as far north as Parry Sound! Take advantage of our up-to-date and advanced techniques. With over 25 years of industry experience, Waterproofing Service® can provide services for all of your emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our experience ranges from industry spaces, residential homes, historic buildings, and large corporate projects. With this much versatility, you can’t go wrong in choosing Waterproofing Service® as your waterproofing service.

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