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Why Choose Waterproofing Service?

Does your basement or your home give off a musty scent? Is there mold on your basement walls? Does your basement feel damp? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may have big problems. It can mean that your basement has water leaking in and you need a Hamilton waterproofing company to stop the leaks.

If your basement has not been sealed properly, it can have leaks and those leaks can give you a lot of problems. Even with the best construction, the basement can develop tiny cracks that water can make its way in through.

When you have a damp and moldy basement, you will find that your clothing and furniture smell. Even worse is you and the other people living with you in your house can develop serious breathing problems. There may also be serious danger to the house in the form of dampness that affects its structural integrity. Walls can bow, floors can slope, and windows and doors may not close properly. A Hamilton waterproofing company can see what condition your basement is in and look for dampness and leaks.

You don’t want to try to deal with a wet basement on your own. The do-it-yourself fixes are not going to last. In fact, they can lead to more serious problems over time. Things like spraying on a sealant or injecting cracks with a solution that gets hard inside them are only going to work temporarily; they are not going to stop the leaks from coming back in the future.

The best way to deal with water and dampness in the basement is to have a drainage system put in and a waterproof membrane installed. A Hamilton basement waterproofing company can professionally install both of these so that moisture can no longer come in your basement.

The drainage system is installed by making a trench in the basement, putting in a pipe and a pump, and covering with new cement. The water goes into the trench and is moved outdoors by the pump. A waterproof membrane can be installed by going all the way to the foundation on the exterior and putting the membrane up so water cannot get through to the basement.

If there is moisture in your basement that needs to be addressed, contact a Hamilton waterproofing companyto find out how they can help you before the problem gets worse.

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