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Wet basements are a very common issue among homeowners and business owners in Vaughan. Every year, thousands of homeowners and business owners are faced with the horrible after-effects of recurrent rainfall and snowfall. There is not anything more dangerous than having water logging trouble in a finished basement. Constant moisture and flooding encourages mould, mildew and fungus growth that can cause health issues.

Mould, mildew and fungus growth in houses and commercial buildings is not assessed a critical health threat for people with good immune system, although it can lead to critical problems for those with asthma, allergies, respiratory issues, obstructive pulmonary disorders, or poor immune system.

Water flooding in basement is usually caused due to cracks in the foundation of structure. It may occur because of heavy rainfall, melting snow, blocked drainage pipes, dishwasher overflow or sewer water backup. In most cases, water damage is concealed by finished basements, resulting in homeowners to look for a long time to repair the foundation cracks. Ignoring the cracks can lead to the damage to be more widespread and expensive to repair.

Water leaking from cracked basement walls has a serious negative impact on the wellbeing of inhabitants, their living conditions along with the total worth of building. Although a lot of new houses and buildings are constructed every year, most buildings are older and require much more preservation and effective protection from basement cataclysm and damage to the footing.

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Such issues can be easily resolved by hiring Waterproofing Service, a local Vaughan waterproofing company. For 25 years, Waterproofing Service has been repairing cracks in both old and newly built houses and has been dedicated to fulfilling the waterproofing needs of Vaughan residents and business owners. Waterproofing Service is one of the most professional wet basement waterproofing contractors in Vaughan. Basement waterproofing and concrete crack repair work can be done successfully with the help of our technicians. We can easily and instantly deal with moisture penetration, wall cracks, floor cracks and flooding problems and get a building on a stable footing.

We provide effectual mould cleanup services, comprising black mould removal. Dedicated and result-oriented services are also offered to rectify or put a stop to moisture problems in different areas of a home or building. Along with basement waterproofing, which is a common requirement among homeowners, we also serve foundation and crawlspace waterproofing remedies. The technicians of our company have the experience and knowledge to resolve any flooding issues for both commercial and residential customers.

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